Selection Process

All completed applications filed on or before the due date will be reviewed and evaluated by the Scholarship Committee. Applications will be ranked in order of merit with the highest rank receiving the award. Financial need will be considered only when all other factors are equal. Individuals who do not include financial information cannot be ranked according to financial need. Overall raking being equal, the award will be granted to the applicant with the greatest financial need. Awards will be announced in conjunction with the annual Summer Conference at the Awards Banquet and/or the Annual Meeting.


All applicants are to:

  1. Download the application from

  2. Complete the application following the directions given.

  3. Follow Established Criteria for desired award.

  4. All official documentation must be sealed and signed on the envelope seal by the certifying official.

  5. Place all items, including official documentation and sealed reference letters together in one mailing container.

  6. Mail to the address given on the form in time to arrive on or before the due date listed on the form.