The Virginia Health and Medical Sciences Educators Association was formed in 1978 in response to a need for an organization solely for health occupations educators in Virginia. The VAHAMSEA was created as a division of the Virginia Vocational Association, now known as the Virginia Association for Career and Technical Education (VACTE).

    Purposes of VAHAMSEA are:
  1. To promote the development and advancement of health occupations education.
  2. To encourage the growth and development of those engaged in the field.
  3. To support the programs and objectives of VACTE.
There are seven regional constituents of the VAHAMSEA associated with their geographical area locations as follows:
Region I - Richmond
Region II - Tidewater
Regions III & - Northern Virginia
Region V - Central (Shenandoah Valley)
Region VI - Danville
Region VII - Far Southwest

The Virginia Department of Education restructured the division of Vocational Education and renamed it the Office of Career & Technical Education which is aligned under the Division of Technology and Career Education. The division of Health Occupations Education (HOE) was changed to the office of Health and Medical Sciences (HAMS) at the same time of this restructure. VHOEA changed the associations’ name to VAHAMSEA in 2010 to reflect the change at the Department of Education.

We encourage you to join the professional organization for teachers in health occupations' education. Your voice will be heard through VAHAMSEA representation at Virginia Association for Career and Technical Education and the American Career and Technical Association. Please support your official professional organization by committing with a membership. For more information, click here.